Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hollie Hobbie, Dresses And My Cat Pop!

So I think it's been about a week since my first entry. Week one of Alice Loves Pop is going well. Why is it when ever you waiting for something exciting in the post it takes aaaagges but those dirty bills find there way to your door!

Anyway, I made the Hollie Hobbie necklace. I quite want it for myself now... I could put two lovely photos in there, I've rediscovered my love for lockets! They remind me of being younger and it was something that" proper ladies" had. Also mum reminded me "i do remember Holly Hobbie - I had a duvet set" okay mum whatever you say.

Ah I also placed my first Etsy Alchemy request. For a gorgeous 50s cream and coral dress. I'm so excited I only paid the deposit 2 days ago but can't wait. The dressmaker in America is gonna send me photos of the process eeekk!! how exciting!! The thought of having something made just for you and shipped over is just brilliant :)

Added a few new items to my misi shop this week. Also in the process of making a few new bits and bobs..... they involve Barbies, Poodles and retro girls........will keep you informed,

Lots of Love (and a meow!)
Alice Loves Pop xxxxxx

Oh Here's Some Hairbow slides I've made. I will be wearing one with my new Alchemy dress when it arrives. I'm thinking boho loose plaits and a shabby chic bow, yum yum!x


  1. Hollie Hobby! - that brings back memories. Your blog is looking very good!

  2. Thanks...Hollies gone to a good home now!xx