Friday, 1 May 2009

The Humble Beginning Of Alice Loves Pop

So it's week one in the world of Alice Loves Pop.

We are a brand new jewellery label making kitsch one of a kind and limited edition pieces. We love beautiful, gorgeous, lovely things - especially when we combine them altogether to come up with something extra special and unique.

The idea behind the name was inspired by the amazing and insane film that is Alice in Wonderland when I was recently making some themed bracelets. I love it and wish I could have mad hatter tea parties everyday. I recently had a tea party in my one bedroom tiny apartment in Manchester - was good, but not the same.
Anyway back to the name. Polly Pops is my lovely cat - Pop for short. The name came out of the two things really and I like it.

As to what you can look forward to.......I'm waiting for some really cute Kokeshi dolls to arrive so I can turn them into lovely necklaces. I love the new Gwen Stefani perfume bottles....But I actually think my new dolls are going to be cuter. Will keep you posted. Also coming soon I've got some lovely Holly Hobby Lockets, Barbie themed stuff, Birds and Love...oh and a bit of Pop Art too....its going to be a right old mix, but a beautiful, gorgeous one at that!


  1. Good luck with the blog! Mine is

  2. I remember having a Hollie Hobbie nightdress when I was a child, think it was nylon!!! Oh the 70's memories :-)

  3. I'd never heard of her but loved the name...anyway my mum enlightend me hehe!x

  4. Hi Alice! I am in love with this necklace AND your Etsy shop. I just hopped over from SITS, and I would like to follow your blog to keep up with all of your great work! I love supporting fellow Etsy members. Your shop is adorable. Keep up the good work!
    I have an Etsy shop right now, in which I am currently selling many vintage items. I am working on a very large project that I hope to launch on Etsy very soon. WISH ME LUCK! ;)

    Also, good luck with your blog! I love what you've done here!

    Welcome to SITS!!!